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We are so proud to share the first of our five Flagship Brewz.

This is the first style of craft beer Brewer & Founder Patrick Klooz ever enjoyed. Made with Sugarcreek malt, Cascade and Wilamette hops this refreshing Cream Ale is easy drinker and perfect for those who enjoy domestic ales.

This beer is dedicated to Joan & Bernard Klooz who brought the Klooz Clan to Dale Hollow each and every summer. They would pack the cars full of family, neighbors, and friends then set off for summer fun! Joan & Bernard believed everyone needed some time just chilling, floating on the lake, and covered in lots of SPF 18. That’s all it really took to instill a love for the outdoors in all of us. Enjoy this easy drinking Cream ale on a boat or in a coat since it will be around all year long.


Click here to view the artwork.

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